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Tower Projects

Our tower knowledge, which is our core expertise, encompasses all types of telecommunication tower structures in the North American wireless network industry, from design and analysis to tower and shelter builds. We also offer engineering methods for reinforcing telecommunication towers which extends its service life and reduces reconstruction costs and service delays. Our Engineering and R&D Teams also offer Tower Analysis on icing issues on guyed towers’ steel guy wires while offering solutions in reducing ice build-up problems.

We are your one stop “Wireless network” solutions provider.

Data Centres

MGI has extensive experience in the design and retrofit of power and communication cable tray routing and power distribution systems for data centres. We also have a history of successfully converting operational data centres to higher Tier levels. Our full suite of data centre services include Communication Cabling, Power Load Assessments, power quality and emergency power, extreme density solutions, scalable design and optimization, risk and business continuity assessment and downtime mitigation planning.

Product Development

MGI Intelesystems is always looking for ways to build a better product. Through the work of our Research and Development Team, we continue to improve upon our designs and deliver a higher standard of manufactured goods. In addition, our team enables us to provide customers with product customizations to fit their exact needs.

Project Management Services geared to ensure reliable infrastructure installation.

Continuous learning attitude to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Track record of success and associated industry credibility.